Congratulations Carroll & Stephen!

Congratulations to Carroll and Stephen on their loving, warm and utterly beautiful wedding day! It was truly a pleasure to photograph, and I look forward to sharing more photos soon…


Rosana’s Beautiful Family

I couldn’t wait to share a few of the photos that I so enjoyed taking of this loving family. Rosana did an amazing job making sure her kids all felt special and included- Rosana, you make it look easy!  Thank you for sharing a sunny Sunday afternoon with me.  These have to be some of the sweetest kids around.

Amanda & Julian’s Wedding ~ a preview ~

I had such an enjoyable day photographing this wonderful couple last weekend. I learned so much from Rob and Ali (, and ended up totally sore, happy and with photos I couldn’t resist editing! More to come.  Looking at these relaxed, loving and joyful folks just makes me smile.


Maternity Shoot with Laura, Jerre & Big Sister Julia

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I absolutely enjoyed going through these joyful photos.  Laura is such an amazing Mom, and this family is just so excited to welcome a new baby girl into their family.  It was so lovely to go through Julia’s baby things, read books on becoming a big sister and look through photos from her baby-hood. It is so fun capturing the images that are meaningful for individual families. Enjoy!


Whitney & Erica ~ Sister Photo Shoot 2.11.12

What a spunky and fun Saturday! The sun was out to shine on these gorgeous sisters, who were a total delight to be around. Thanks for your fun spirits and for sharing your bond, and sass. I love that they wanted portraits for their Grandpa’s birthday gift- he must be so proud of these two.  I hope you enjoy the preview of a few of today’s shots- we sure had fun doing them!

Austin, Texas

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Every New Years, my friends and I have a reunion.  It is sometimes the only time I get to see these amazing people, and each year we go to one of the many fabulous places we are living/working/grad-schooling. This year was Austin, Texas- a truly photogenic and charming town that I have a rabid crush on! It is often a photo-fest, and I am already fantasizing about the kind of years-spanning photo collections we’ll have one day.

Please enjoy these vibrant colors, and the connections and love that just radiates off of my beautiful friends! If you pay really close attention, you should be able to smell the tex-mex and taste the spicy chocolate that I’ve slightly overdosed on…

Maternity Shoot *Kellie & Jake and soon-to-be baby Kian*

Please join me in congratulating Kellie and Jake on their soon to be born baby boy.  Move over pugs, this baby wants out! I hope you enjoy these joyful shots from our uber rainy maternity shoot- this awesome woman was up for anything: cozying up near good light sources, reading kid’s books to Kian, cuddling with Jake, Chowder, Bug and her sweet Dad, painting the nursery- even going out in the rain! This is one lucky baby.