Bird Flying South: Music Video & Upcoming Shoot!

Meet my friend Emily!  I have been lucky enough to have loved this wonderful friend more than half my life.  Her wisdom, creativity and zest for a meaningful and textured life are a constant inspiration. As is her musicality!  Her own blog can be viewed at: got to shoot a music video of sorts for her and her amazing partner Chris Vita, who together compose Bird Flying South, a delightful Portland duo.  The light was fading, but I loved their interactions, poise in front of the camera and bright orange home.  My filming skills are rudimentary, and although their sweetness and talent shines through, the whole time I was itching for my Cannon.  With a photo shoot scheduled for this weekend, and a show of theirs next week, I’m about to get my wish, and you can too, if you’d like to come see their show!  Images coming soon.


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I am a social worker who finds deep meaning, self care and vitality by capturing meaningful moments through photography. View all posts by laughinglensphotography

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