Congratulations Kari & Billy! :)

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Congratulations to Ruby, One Year Young!

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Lisa & Brandon’s Wedding Highlights

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Ruby’s One Year Portrait and the Lovely Fors Family

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Beautiful Friendships

I’ve gotten to have these amazing women in my life for over 15 years!  We had a reunion in lovely Ashland, Oregon, and I just had to share some of the portraits I took of these gals.  I am so proud to have them as friends, and I just adore how the golden light and the love we share just shines through these images.


Stephanie & Katie’s Maternity Shoot!

Congratulations to two of the most amazing women I know- this baby is going to be SO lucky to have you as her Moms!



Thank You Fors Family!

My recent move to the Bay Area has delayed the editing and posting of the photos from this delightful photo shoot back in July.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending a gorgeous summer afternoon with this loving and multi-generational family.

Congratulations to Ruby for being 6 months old, and to the Fors family for being so warm and welcoming.